They can’t all be winners, kid.

(10 pts to anyone who can name that movie…)

In my quest to furnish our nursery, I’ve relied heavily on craigslist. Obviously I bought a new crib, and my father in law offered to make us a bookcase. Otherwise though, I’ve relied on craigslist for several reasons. First, obviously, I’m cheap. Second, I like the idea mix-and-match furniture, rather than just heading to babies r’ us to pick up whatever set they have on sale. Third, I decided I’m doing mixed wood tones and I want some painted furniture in there. And if I’m painting furniture, I want it to be cheap (okay so sort of a restatement of point 1.. but whatever). 

I will hopefully be back next week with some great before/after pictures of some furniture… but let’s start off with a massive fail. I had purchased all of the furniture for the nursery except a side table for next to our glider. I wanted something small, just something to set a glass of water and my kindle on while I am nursing. When I came across an ad on craigslist for a side table that had a really interesting shape and was only $10– I immediately emailed to get the details. When I asked why it was only $10, I was told it was because (although hard to see in the photo), the woman’s kids had drawn all over the table with markers and it was going to have to be repainted. Not a problem for me since I planned to repaint anyways! (This was not the picture in the ad, but I didn’t save that one).

photo 1

The only issue was, it was only a Tuesday and I didn’t want to wait until the weekend to pick it up (I had lost out on more than one sale by not being the first buyer to pick-up). But my husband had to work late and I was going to have to go alone. This freaked me out a little, since I don’t make it a habit to go to strange people’s houses, but the neighborhood looked okay and I arranged to make the exchange in the driveway so I wouldn’t have to go into their home. I took exact change and sent the address to my husband and mom and told them both I’d call to let them know as soon as I was done. Probably a bit paranoid, but I do live in Ohio where we had that whole “craigslist killer” thing a while back and it’s hard to get that sort of thing off your mind, especially at 6 months pregnant. Due to all this nervousness, I didn’t even look at the table when the guy put it in my car. I figured it was worth the risk of a crappy table for $10 to just get it and get out of there, rather than getting all distracted by looking it over closely. 

When I got it home, I could see there were definitely more issues with the table than I’d been told about. Yes, there were marker marks everywhere, but that was expected. There was also drippy paint as this table was apparently spray painted at some point and not originally white. But neither of these bothered me much.. 

photo 3 photo 4


The big issue? The table is missing one of the edge pieces that goes around the top of table-top, leaving a super rough splintery edge and pin nails that are sticking out and just painted over. Not awesome. 

photo 2


Still… I persevered. I got some medium and fine grit sandpaper, a pair of pliers, and went to work. I figured even missing the one edge, I could pull out the nails and sand it smooth and it would be fine. The nails were not terribly hard to get out, but sanding was a whole other story. The more I sanded, the more wood peeled up. I had no illusions that this was a high quality table, but I didn’t expect pieces of it to just start peeling off, sigh. 

So at this point, I think I’m giving up. I’m not sure there is enough sand paper to make this table smooth and kid-safe. I haven’t tossed it in the trash quite yet on the off-chance my dad has some better idea when he’s in town this weekend, but I think I’m accepting my failure. At least it was only $10? You win some and you lose some, I guess. 

Fingers crossed that my mom’s and my efforts this weekend to paint my craigslist dresser and changing table fare a bit better!!


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