An unglamorous (but very exciting) upgrade!

I never thought the day would come when I would be super excited about an upgrade to a basement floor. But well, that’s where we are folks! My parents are the sort of people who do everything “right” whereas I’m the sort of person who… is mostly lazy. So when my dad started bugging us about painting our basement floor when we moved into this house, I sort of blew it off. Because it’s the basement, so honestly who cares (hint: not me). I just couldn’t imagine the cats or our christmas decorations would care how nice our basement floor looked. And really, if we didn’t have cats I’d probably have continued on with that opinion.

But we do have cats. Which means cat boxes, which for the last 4 years have sat on the unfinished basement floor. And unfinished concrete is very porous, which means it soaks up cat smell, even when the boxes are clean (ew). And I’m enough like my mother to really care if a part of my house (even the basement) smells like cat. So a fix was in order! And luckily my dad was happy to come help make this happen, since the paint you need to use is really stinky and not safe for those currently growing tiny humans. 

And even more luckily, this was actually really easy! I hate to admit it, but I sort of wish we’d done it years ago. First step was taking everything out of the basement, obviously! 

Next, B and I cleaned the floor really well. This meant sweeping it (to get up the cat hair and bigger dust/dirt), then vacuuming it (to get up the finer dust), then mopping it with a damp mop and lots of fresh water (I changed the water 4 times for our 1/2 basement to make sure the mop was as clean as possible to pick up any remaining dust or dirt). That left us with this… a clean basement and my dad and B preparing to paint.  



All they needed to paint was a large roller (note the 18″ roller in my dad’s hands) and a small 6″ roller, and the paint. They used Seal-Krete Epoxy paint that we found at Lowes. It took 2.5 gallons to do our basement. 

B said there was really nothing to the painting, he did along the walls with the 6″ roller and my dad used the bigger roller to fill in the middle. They did 2 coats, which took less than an hour, and we could walk on it 3 hours later! 



The floor now looks better, will be much easier to clean because it is a smooth surface, and most importantly– is stink free! All the old odors are sealed in, and new smells won’t be able to penetrate the paint and hang out like they could with the old floor. So excited for a non-smelly basement!!

Also exciting… note the shelves! I wish I’d taken a photo of the basement before we moved all our belongings to clean, but it was sort of a hot mess. My dad and B decided to buy some shelving units (under $100 for all 3 at Menards) and use those to organize all of our boxes. Now everything is actually accessible to us and not accessible to the cats (who liked to hide between boxes) and it just looks way better. 

So… while it may be sad… I am SUPER excited about our basement upgrade! The whole thing (paint and shelves) cost under $200 and I feel like it has made a huge difference down there. Before I sort of avoided going downstairs at all costs, whereas now I don’t mind going down there at all! (Even with the pregnancy-induced super-sniffer). Woot!

Anyone else doing upgrades that their 16 year old selves would be embarrassed to be excited about? 


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