The only thing better than DIY is HYDDI (Have Your Dad Do It)…

Remember when I declared my $10 craigslist end table a lost cause? Basically, the table came more damaged than I was told, missing an edge piece that left a rough splintery surface I was unable to sand smooth.

photo 2

photo 1


It was disappointing, because it was such a pretty shape and would have been such a cheap solution, but I was just ill-equipped to handle this sort of rehab. Luckily for me, I’m also lazy which means that I had not yet thrown the table out prior to my parents coming to town to help us paint the basement floor and paint the rest of the nursery furniture. My parents loved the table and my dad thought I was being hasty in my giving up on it.

I should mention, I come by my crafty-ness honestly. I’m the granddaughter of a carpenter and a seamstress, and the daughter of a general contractor. So when my dad asked if he could take the table home and “play around with it” I was psyched, because if anyone could make this work it was him. About a week later he sent me the two pictures below… I don’t quite know the process but he said basically you just soak a thin piece of wood for a while to make it flexible and then pin it into place until it dries. Then he attached it all with some combination of pins and wood glue, and smoothed the whole thing over with wood filler.

photo 10

photo 11


When we went home for my baby shower the weekend before last, my dad asked me to bring home the paint I had planned to use on it so he could finish it up for me. And that’s how we got here.

photo 2


Love!! He did an amazing job. You can’t tell the table was ever damaged, and it is probably better made now than when it was new! Of course, I couldn’t just leave well enough alone. Well, I could have because the table looked awesome. But with two other pieces of furniture painted the same color, I wanted something about this table to “pop” a bit, and with a $10 price tag it seemed like the best piece to play around with. So, I gathered my supplies, and got to taping.

photo 1

photo 3


I decided gilded gold legs were just the thing and got to painting. First coat went on pretty sparse…

photo 4

But the second (on the left) provided much better coverage.

photo 5


I added a third coat just to be safe, and removed all the tape and….

photo 6


Underwhelmed. The support bars just bugged me. So I painted those too. And just 1.5 episodes of Dexter from the time I started…… Done!

photo 7

photo 8


I loved it before, but I love it even more now! It’s exactly what I wanted, and because I used paint I already had (and my dad apparently used scraps of stuff he already had in his workshop) the total cost was still only $10!  Apparently I was a bit hasty in my declaring the table a lost cause, but in this case I was happy to be wrong.




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