Things I’ve given up for the last 10 weeks…

I’m now 34(.5, but who’s counting) weeks, and so far I *think* that I’ve avoided a lot of the most stereotypical pregnant lady things. My husband may disagree… but I’ve yet to make him make a special trip to get me food, or eaten a really weird food combination like pb spread pickles, or hormonally raged on him. I did cry once in the card aisle of target because I was trying to pick out an anniversary card for him and found one that mentioned being a dad, but compared to the crazy hormonal crying/screaming/eating whipped cream on leftover tacos at 4am women you see on TV… I think I’ve been shockingly normal. 

Which is not to say things are exactly as they were before. I was thinking today how in the last few weeks (since I hit about 29-30) I’ve definitely adjusted some of my expectations for myself. A lot of this is because it’s just getting harder for me to move around. Getting up is harder. Stairs are harder. Moving quickly is harder (mostly because baby girl is all pressed up into my lungs all the time and it makes me really out of breath… I WOKE UP out of breath the other morning. How you can be exhausted from sleeping is beyond me…). At least a little bit of it though is that I’m getting close to the finish line. I was really hesitant to let myself “act pregnant” early on because I knew I had a long road ahead of me and it felt like the sooner I started expecting less of myself, the longer pregnancy would seem. But at this point? Meh I’ve got barely over a month to go. Time to take advantage of my condition. 

And thus, the list of things I’ve given up for these last 10 weeks of pregnancy: 

1) Getting the door. Used to be the doorbell would ring and I would hop up and run right there. Usually it was just a package, but sometimes it was a neighborhood kid or whatever… and really just, who DOESN’T answer the door when the doorbell rings? Answer: Me. I figure they’ll leave the package and I can get to it the next time I get up, and if it isn’t a package I probably don’t want to talk to them anyways. 

2) Getting my phone if I’m not in the room. If I left my phone in another room and I was upstairs in the kitchen or in my bedroom and the phone (inevitably) rang… because it ALWAYS rings the 5 minutes you’re away from it… I would run to answer it. Now? Hahaha nope. I’ll get back to you next time I make it downstairs. 

3) Getting up with any sense of grace. Even when it started to get hard, I would still TRY to get up without making a spectacle of myself. At this point? Don’t curr. It might take me more than one try, and it might take a grunt to get my ass off the couch. B laughs and calls it “turtling” because he says I look like a turtle stuck on my back trying to flip myself over. I keep threatening to duct tape a basketball to his stomach and see how easily he bends. 

4) Staying strict on sugar intake. About a year ago I had a bit of a diet overhaul and started really focusing on reducing my sugar intake. I’ve been pretty strict about keeping it under 25g added sugar per day (except for special events or an occasional coke, in which case that cupcake or can would be my ONE sugar-filled item of the day). This was really easy in early pregnancy because I actually had an aversion to sweets. In the last few weeks however, my aversion has not only disappeared but been replaced by an intense desire to eat ALL THE SUGAR.  Probably the closest thing I’ve had to a tv-type craving— basically just wanting all sugar all the time. Now, I’m still not going crazy with it and eating everything with abandon. But considering that all my glucose levels were low at my screenings, and I’ve still not gained much weight, I’m cutting myself some (okay a lot) of slack. That means I had banana bread for breakfast yesterday AND (one scoop) ice cream in the afternoon yesterday, and it was glorious. 

5) Feeling badly about my yoga pants. Not saying I didn’t wear them almost daily before… but I at least felt a little bit badly if it had been days since my husband had seen me in anything else. At this point I couldn’t possibly care less. Comfort is important. Plus, a few days ago he told me (without looking at me) that “pretty soon your stomach is going to outpace your boobs.” I LOL’d and told him he’d missed that boat about 15 weeks ago. Which just proves he isn’t really paying attention to how I look anyways. 

6) Walking long distances or standing up for long periods of time. It just hurts. I’m lucky that I’ve not had any swelling or leg/foot pain issues. But at this point my pelvis is apparently separating (sorry for using the world pelvis… I know it’s not usually that sort of blog..) and it honestly feels like I took a couple of good kicks if I’m on my feet for too long. Which then makes it even harder to walk, take stairs, get up, or even roll over in bed. The midwives say it isn’t dangerous (sort of just par for the course at this point), but it is certainly uncomfortable. Around 37-38+ weeks I am going to start making myself walk as much as possible in the hopes of kick-starting labor… but until then I’m just avoiding it as much as I can. 

So… that’s the current state of things around here. Would love to hear what others gave up as they approached their due dates! 



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