Husband thoughts on pregnancy..

So basically pregnancy is just what I write about now, apparently. It wasn’t my intention, but it’s sort of what’s going on right now. Also, as I approach the end I’m starting to get a bit reflective and wanting to save some of these memories. And so. Two conversations that happened today.

**While watching previews at the theater before the Veronica Mars movie, preview for Spiderman 2 comes on**

Me: Hey that comes out May 2. That might be our last pre-baby movie!

Him: Ummmm I don’t think you should be going to the movies at that point (said as though I’d suggested rock climbing)

Me: ….. why?

Him: Because what if you go into labor while we’re at the movies?!

Me: … then I go into labor while we’re at the movies. Who cares? I seriously doubt I’ll have one of those dramatic movie labors where I go from fine to crowning in under an hour.

Him: Yea… I think maybe we should just keep you in a bubble at home that week. And maybe the few weeks before.

Me: So you want me to just stay in the house for weeks waiting to go into labor?

Him: Seems like the safest option to me.

(lol guys).


**While out to dinner after the movie**

Me: So what do you want to do when we get home? Video game maybe?

Him: Sure. Which one?

Me: Well not one of the movement ones at first. I think the whole “don’t swim for an hour after eating” rule applies to any game where you have to bounce.

Him: I think one of the activity games might be beyond your reach at this point anyways.

Me: What are you talking about, I can play! Maybe not as long as normal but I can totally play.

Him: You had to lay down today after doing your hair and makeup.

Me: ……………. good point.

(I think he won that one. We played lego Harry Potter)


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