Fiona June has arrived!



Well I’m almost a month late with my announcement… but as it turns out newborns are sort of a lot of work. Who knew?!

So I’ll share all the important details, and then hopefully come back soon and share her birth story, as well as some more info on our first month together. It feels like I have less time than ever to blog right now (and um, I do)… but I also WANT to blog more than ever because I know this first year of her life is going to just fly by and I’d love to keep a record of things as they are happening. I will do my best!

Fiona June was born at 4:33am on May 13 by (unplanned) c-section after 17 hours of labor.



She weighed 8 lbs 4 oz and was 20.5 inches long.


She came out screaming, which was wonderful because there had been meconium in her water and we were concerned about her lungs… and I can assure you her lungs are a-okay! We were dealing with a bit of jaundice in week 1, and now in week 4 she has a cold (sigh– saddest thing ever is a newborn who is ill!). But in all the ways that are important she is super healthy and completely adorable.



This past 4 weeks has been by far the hardest of my life. We’ve dealt with some pretty big challenges and we’re still working some things out. But I’m also so in love. I sort of can’t believe that we made her, and she is ours. Forever.  ❤


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