Fiona: 1 month

Before I go back and share more about her birth and what’s been going on with us in the last month, I thought I’d share a 1 month update on Ms. Fiona! I’m stealing the format from Amanda over at one of my favorite blogs… hope she doesn’t mind!

Stats: At her 1 month appointment (which was actually today at 5 weeks), Fiona weighed 10lb 3 oz and was 22 inches long. I”m thrilled with her growth considering her rough start… but we’ll get back to that later!


Clothing size: Fiona came home from the hospital a bit too big for most newborn clothes. Some of the larger ones fit, but mostly we’ve had her in 0-3 months clothes. A few 3 month outfits fit her too if they are on the smaller side.

Sleep: Fiona has been a rock star sleeper since we brought her home from the hospital. The first week we had to still feed her every 3 hours at night, then the second week every 4 hours, and the last two weeks we were told to make sure to feed her every 5 hours at night. More often than not I’ve had to wake her up to feed her. Last night for the first time I decided to just let her sleep and see how she’d do, and she slept from 10-4:30am before I woke up with boobs that demanded nursing, so I woke her up to nurse. Then she went back down at 5:15 and slept until 7:45. That’s what I call an awesome baby! I think 1 wakeup per night will be our norm for a while, but I’m thinking of trying to start moving her bedtime earlier (right now we put her down between 10 and 10:30 each night) and maybe at some point incorporating a dream feed before I go to bed. I love spending time with Fiona and I’m so grateful she is a good sleeper, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to an earlier bedtime and a little chill time for B and I in the evenings.


Eating:  This has been our biggest challenge this  month. I’ll do a full post devoted to this, hopefully with a happy outcome/plan, in a few weeks probably. But the cliffs notes version is that I have a low supply which has made breastfeeding a real challenge. We also suspect that Fiona has a posterior tongue tie, which we are getting evaluated and possibly clipped (if she has it) this Friday. It is looking unlikely that I’ll ever be able to exclusively breastfeed, but I hope to at least continue combo feeding (breastfeeding + supplementing with formula) if we get the tongue tie fixed.

Milestones: Being born was a big one! I’m not sure what other milestones we should really be looking for in month one. Fiona was born as a very alert baby and that has continued. I do feel like, in the last week especially, she has really seemed to be making eye contact better rather than just looking around generally. She was also born with better than average head control and has been holding up her head really well all along. But she’s getting better and better at it, can turn her head side to side on tummy time, and can actually hold her head up when being held up sitting for a pretty long time now. She seems to like tummy time as long as we keep it pretty short, and I feel like she is going to be an early crawler because she already does the crawling motions on the mat!


Things I want to remember: Snuggles! Honestly I’m not and will probably never really be a “newborn person.” I love Fiona to the moon and back but I know that she’s going to be a lot more FUN for me when she can interact a bit more. But one thing I know I’ll miss about the newborn stage when it is gone is all the snuggling. We did a ton of skin to skin the first week, and now she loves sleeping on my shoulder. There’s something just unbelievably awesome about her snuggling all up to me and falling asleep, I love it. Also, my most favorite thing she does (weird as this may sound) is the way she stretches when I take her out of her swaddle sack. We put her in the swaddle sack to sleep at night, and I take her out of it to nurse in the middle of the night and in the morning. As soon as I unswaddle her and unzip the sack she immediately raises her arms above her head in this biiiiig stretch and makes the funniest stretching faces while kicking her legs. It makes me laugh every time and I love it so much. I’ve tried a few times to get video of it, but it’s hard because it is always in the middle of the night and it is dark! I hope I can figure out a way to get it on video before she grows out of that habit, because it is seriously so adorable. Also I think it is super cute how surly she seems. She is always making these cranky faces at us and it just cracks me up. I know she doesn’t really know how to smile yet (soon I hope!!) so she is probably bound to seem surly… but I sort of just feel like she might be a little bit of a serious kid. Time will tell!

Outings/Adventures: None really. We haven’t really tried to take her too many places yet, although I have run a few errands with her and she is a champ at chilling in the moby. I think this month we might actually try to get out and about with her a bit more.


Favorites: Right now Fiona’s favorite things are chewing on her hands, kicking her legs, and making funny faces at us. Also eating. Girl can take down a bottle like woah. My favorite things are watching her stretch, cuddling her, and making faces at her trying to get her to smile at me. B’s favorite things are when she is peacefully sleeping, and when she will sit up on his legs and be happy and coo at him.

What I’ve learned:  That raising a kid is more art than science. Everyone has an opinion and a philosophy, but whether or not it actually works on your kid is a total crapshoot. I know all the “stuff” you’re supposed to know… but realistically I have no idea what I am doing and everything is just trial and error trying to make baby happy. I’ve also learned that keeping B’s and my relationship as a priority is super important. This month has been really hard on us for a variety of reasons, but we’ve really tried to stay connected however we can so that we remember we’re in this together. Sometimes that means just having very honest conversations about our feelings (even when they aren’t pretty), sometimes it means missing out on a precious 30 min of sleep to just cuddle and chat because omg-the-baby-is-sleeping-and-its-quiet, and sometimes that means leaving our adorable baby at home with my parents so we can get out and see a movie and remind ourselves that the rest of the world does still exist, even though sometimes it feels like everything now revolves around our 10 lb bundle of joy (and for us it does… but there is still a world out there, somehow!). I had B before we had Fia, and when she leaves us someday (which seems so impossible right now!) he is who will still be at home waiting for me– even when life is super crazy I think it is worth remembering that our relationship is the foundation not only of our own happiness– but of making a happy home for Fiona to grow up in.


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