A day in the life… 2 months.

I thought it would be fun to do a “day in the life” post to see (and remember) how I spend my days at this point in Fiona’s life. This is yesterday, which was a day when B had class at night so I was on baby duty until bed time (when he doesn’t have school, he gets home around 6:30-7 and usually helps with dinner and gives me a little bit of a break). Luckily Fiona is a great night sleeper (for now) so I’m probably more well rested than most new moms… although she doesn’t nap much during the day so those are maybe a little bit busier than most. Here we go!

2:30am- Fiona starts fussing. I think she probably needs to eat so I get up and go to the bathroom before grabbing her…. but by the time I’m done 3 minutes later she is back to sleep. So I go back to bed.

4:30am- Fiona starts fussing. I think she is hungry, and this is a normal wake-up time for her. I get up and put my glasses on, take my water over to my nursing glider on the other side of our room and turn the TV on (I just leave it on the netflix homepage so I have enough light to nurse without waking B up). By the time I get back to her crib 3 minutes later, she is asleep. I leave my glasses on and lay back down and leave the TV on, sure she’ll be up in another 5 minutes but…

5:20am- I wake up to Fiona fussing again. This time I grab her right away because I’m tired of this up and down nonsense. Unswaddle her, and nurse her on one side. Change her diaper, reswaddle her, and try to nurse the second side but she’s fallen back asleep and won’t nurse. So I put her back down in her pack n play and head downstairs to pump. The cat puked on the carpet so I clean that up. Then pump. Then back to bed.

7:45am- Fiona wakes up crying and B gets up with her and lets me sleep a little more.

8:15am- I wake up to Fiona crying. Brian is in the shower so I get up and grab her and take her downstairs. Diaper change, and nurse her. Then I feed her the milk I pumped earlier that morning. We play around for a little bit chatting and singing (more me than her). I ask B to throw a load of whites in the wash.

10am- She starts looking tired. I change her diaper and put her in her swing (she hates being rocked to sleep.. weirdo haha). She falls asleep at 10:20 and I grab a muffin and some coffee and get online to chill out for hopefully an hour…

10:44am- She’s up! I try to calm her back down to sleep for a bit longer but I fail. I get her up and we play a bit more. 11:15 diaper change.

11:45am- She’s hungry so I nurse her, then feed her some more pumped milk. Changed her diaper again at 12:15 and 12:30 (she loves waiting until I change her diaper then pooping right after! She’s clearly tired so I try calming her down a bit and get her into the swing and asleep.

1pm- She just fell asleep in her swing. I run upstairs and throw all the dishes I’ve made so far in the sink. The dishwasher is full of clean dishes and I don’t have time to unload them. I quickly run and clean the half bath because someone is stopping by later. I grab some cheese and crackers and a pluot to eat for lunch. Fast food is important because I never know how long I’ll have. Hopefully an hour? (An hour seems to be the amount of time it takes for her to be really well rested and happy). I sit down to eat and hop on my computer again for a break.

1:35pm- She’s up! Damn. Not that she’s not cute, but I know she’s still tired. I can’t get her to sleep any more. Oh well… time for a bath! I throw the whites in the dryer then I try out a new bathtub that allows her to actually sit in a tiny bit of water, rather than just the sponge bath chair I’d been using. She freaks the hell out and it takes 10 minutes to calm her down and convince her I was not trying to drown her– poor baby! She also pees on our bed. She gets a sponge bath and then into the pack n play so I can strip our bed and throw the linens in the wash. I get her dressed and we head downstairs.

2:20pm- Time to nurse again! Then supplement with formula. Another diaper change, and another 15 minutes after that. Right as I’m changing the second diaper my guest stops by. We chat for about 10 minutes then Fia is clearly getting tired so I put her down for another nap at 3:35pm. I visit with my guest for another half an hour then walk her out to her car in our driveway. By the time I come back in..

4:05- she’s up! Another 30 min nap, sigh. I run up and throw the sheets in the dryer. We nurse again, and I try to supplement her but she doesn’t want any formula. Diaper change. I try to put her back down for a nap but she is not having it. We head upstairs and I put her in her pack in play to watch her fan (a favorite game) and I make the bed. Then I put her on the bed and fold the load of whites we’d washed earlier that day (I’ve never in my life been so caught up on laundry– she LOVES hanging out on our bed watching the fan so I try to do laundry every day so I have something to fold). Another diaper change. I try rocking her, I try her bouncer, I try the swing… homegirl will. not. nap.

6:30pm- I give up on her trying to nap because at least she is pretty happy in her bouncer and I’m out of ideas after an hour of trying. I make myself a turkey sandwich really fast and eat it while bouncing her in her bouncer.

7pm- She falls asleep right as I’m about to feed her. Of course! But she needs the sleep so I let her go. I run upstairs and unload the dishwasher, reload it with the day’s dishes, and tidy up a bit from the day’s chaos. I also toss the day’s cloth diapers in the wash.

7:25pm- she’s up! Diaper change, diaper change, and nursing. Supplement with formula.

8:30pm- B texts that he is on his way home. I throw a frozen pizza in the oven for him. Diaper change. Turn cloth diapers on for their second cycle. She’s happy but doesn’t want to be set down so I just hold her and we sing songs. She’s a big fan of James Taylor and Johnny Cash (me too).

8:50pm- B is home and we hang out a little bit while he eats. She starts looking tired so..

9:15pm- I head upstairs with her to nurse her to sleep. Nurse one side, change her, swaddle her, nurse the other side. She falls asleep while nursing, so I put her down in her pack n play.

9:40pm- I head downstairs and turn on the monitor to watch her, and start washing all the day’s bottles. B comes upstairs and takes over the bottle washing and I start unpacking some of the stuff my friend had brought over (hand me downs) earlier in the day. She wakes up so I head upstairs and shush her back to sleep.

10pm- We head downstairs and watch half an episode of ninja warrior and chat while I send a few emails for my photo business.

10:40pm- Pump! At least I can do it while watching TV.

11pm- Bed time for B and I. I get my stuff ready for the night (motrin, water, protein bar) and he hangs up the cloth diapers to dry. Then to bed we go and we’re out in approximately 14 seconds…


So, that’s it! It was a pretty normal day. Sometimes she sleeps a little more, which is nice because then I can get a little more done… but at least she was in a good mood all day (sometimes when she doesn’t sleep much she is really cranky). Also I usually try to do tummy time with her a few times, but I spent so long trying to get her to nap we didn’t really have time for that because I try not to do it right after she eats, so she doesn’t puke! Oh, and I do shower usually every other day at least. Yesterday was not that day, but when I do I just put her in the pack n play after her first morning feeding after I’m awake, and hop in for a quick shower. She almost always will just watch the fan and coo happily as long as I’m out pretty fast. I’m pretty luckily that she’s a generally happy baby and that even though she doesn’t nap a ton during the day, she’s a rock star at night. ❤



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