Things that are awesome.

… continued from my last post about the the top 10 sucky things about parenthood so far. The top 10 things that I’m loving about Fiona and being her mom!

10) Fia’s little monkey feet. And her tiny hands. And her chubby thighs. And her squishy cheeks. And basically all parts of her… staring at the most adorable baby ever is not a bad way to spend your way. Not that I wouldn’t love her if she wasn’t cute. But come on…. 



9) The fact that she’s a rock star sleeper. Of all the traits a baby can have, I seriously appreciate this. Before Fia was born I was most worried about sleep. Neither B nor I are particularly good on no sleep, so I just wasn’t sure how I would handle a kid that was up every 2 hours for months. It makes me feel like maybe we all really do get the babies we can handle– I couldn’t handle a baby who didn’t sleep and I got an awesome sleeper… but maybe I’m more able to handle our feeding issues than someone else would’ve been.

8) All her funny faces. Which is actually different than just her being so damn cute. She’s starting to get a personality and I love watching it develop. She spends a lot of time looking like she’s figuring things out, and sometimes she gets this super surly look… glimpses of her teenage self! 


7) Figuring out what she needs. The learning curve to parenting is so steep. I’m figuring her out, she’s figuring me out, and we’re slowly working into a routine that works for both of us. I love that I’m getting to the point where I can generally tell why she’s upset if she is. It makes me feel like a good mom when I realize I know the difference between a hungry cry and a tired cry!

6) The way she stretches post-nap. It makes me laugh every. single. time.


5)  Dreaming of the future. Every day Fia becomes more the person she’s going to be. She is changing and growing so fast! I’m not particularly anxious to move past this time in our life, but I do think she is just going to get more and more fun. I love thinking about the first time I’ll get to put pigtails in her hair. The first time she asks me to do her nails. Come to think of it, the first time she says ANYTHING! I’m so curious about who she is going to be, even though I know I’ll miss her being tiny when she gets too old to curl up on my chest and snuggle. 

4) Watching her watch the fan in our room. I have no idea why it is SO fascinating, but it makes her happy every time. I’ve never in my life been so caught up on laundry because I do it every day so that she can lay on the bed and watch the fan while I fold clothes! 

fan watching

3) Making her happy. Sometimes when she is close to sleep I stroke her forehead and she smiles and closes her eyes and drifts off and it’s the best thing ever. Or when she got that fully satisfied look after breastfeeding… making her happy makes my entire day. 

happy fia


2) Speaking of happy… her smile. I’m not really a person who cries a lot, particularly not happy tears. But I literally cried the first time she made eye contact with me and smiled and I knew that smile was for me. For someone who was never a baby person before… I’m shocked at how entirely true it is that there is nothing better than when your baby smiles at you. I spend half her awake time singing and talking to her in stupid voices trying to win those amazing little smiles and happy coo’s. 



1) The love. I love her so much it makes my heart literally ache sometimes. And every day, somehow, I love her more. And I love B more for being her dad. For helping create her. For being the first one to hold her. For the way he sings to her. I didn’t know how much I could love him until I saw him cry when she was born, or saw him dancing around the living room singing to her. She hasn’t just doubled the love in our home, she’s somehow multiplied it infinitely. 


Apparently I’ve turned into a big mush ball, but I blame this blue eyed beauty (and I wouldn’t have it any other way).



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