Fiona: 3 months

I’m a couple weeks late, but this info is accurate for 3 months! 



Stats: Fiona didn’t have a well check for 3 months, but we did happen to be in the doctor’s office 2 days before she turned 3 months so I have real stats! She was 12 lbs 15 oz and 23.75″ long. I didn’t get the percentages on those… but seems pretty average to me!


Clothing Size: She didn’t gain THAT much in the last month, but somehow she seems to have grown a lot– maybe that extra (almost) inch? Almost all of her 0-3 clothes are too small, and some of the 3 month stuff is too small. She is wearing some 3 month, lots of 3-6 month, and a few 6 month items.


Sleep: Fiona is still doing pretty well with sleep, although it was sort of a generally rough last few weeks. She had started sleeping all the way through the night, 9-7 or even 9-8 a few days, and it was incredible. Then we had a big set-back with her eating and it really screwed up her sleeping so the last week or so she’s been waking up more and fussing and sometimes getting up for the day really early (3:30 or 4:30 am). But I feel like this is all related to her eating and when we get that sorted out (again) she’ll hopefully go back to sleeping well at night. Her naps have been really stellar for the most part this month though! She is taking 3-4 naps per day, and usually at least one or two of them is 2 hours. The best thing about this is that she is generally well rested and is super happy between naps.


Eating: Unmitigated disaster. We had a few good weeks after I quit breastfeeding where she took the bottle pretty easily, rarely fought, and easily got in plenty of ounces every day. Then one day she woke up and decided to just stop eating. Like, she just would. not. take. a. bottle. It was insane. To make a long story short… 3 doctor’s visits and one upper GI series later… we think we’ve figured out that she has both reflux and also some food intolerances (dairy and possibly soy) that were making eating painful for her and made her not want to eat anymore. We have her on reflux meds now, a new hypoallergenic formula, and I’m off dairy and soy entirely (so hard!). Things have been getting steadily better since I’ve been off of dairy and soy and I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m really really hopeful that by the time I do our 4 month update we will have eating entirely figured out for the first time in Fia’s life. The silver lining to this whole drama is that because of her reflux I have to hold her upright for 20 minutes after feeding her, which means I’ve been rocking her to sleep a lot more than I ever have before, and I am really enjoying the cuddles!


Milestones: Fiona is doing so much now! She makes funny faces and smiles all the time. She coo’s and gurgles and squeals and squeaks. She can grab toys and is putting everything in her mouth. She is starting to laugh more. She’s just so much fun!! She’s a super strong little girl and does great standing up (with a hand or two on her to make sure she doesn’t topple!) and she can lift her legs/arms/head up great during tummy time. She hasn’t quite figured out that she can put her arms down to help push her up during tummy time, nor has she rolled. But I think she has all the strength and just hasn’t thought to try yet.



Things I Want to Remember: Nothing is more important than a healthy baby! We had a somewhat stressful month health-wise with a cardiology appointment to check up on a heart murmur (turned out to be totally fine) and then our nightmare feeding situation. Getting a clean bill of health for Fiona is really all that matters in the end, and I think that going through this month will help me not sweat the small stuff so much and just be grateful she’s healthy! I also want to remember just how much fun I’m having. I’m not saying that the days aren’t hard sometimes. There are bad nap days and bad eating days and just cranky pants days (me or her or both). But being home with Fiona right now is awesome, and I enjoy her so much.


Outings/Adventures: We took Fiona out to eat for the first time this month! We went to one of our favorite burger places and she did pretty well! She got a little bit fussy towards the end of our meal but never actually cried. We also took her to her second party, where she laughed really really hard at my friends’ dogs and it was awesome. Also, my parents hosted an open house and she got to meet my grandma and the rest of my family. It was a bit of a stressful day because it was a few days after our eating trouble started, but I was really happy that she got to meet my grandma!


Favorites: Pets! Nothing gets Fia laughing like animal antics. Our friends’ dogs chasing each other around, or the cats playing with a rope toy– she thinks it is great. She’s also started to get into toys more and she likes her sophie a lot. Also, her hands. Can’t get enough of chewing on those hands! My favorite is seeing her laugh or just smile really big. I think B would say the same! He puts her up on his legs and talks to her and she “talks” back and it is basically the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.


What I’ve Learned: Sometimes you have to fight for your kid. Our first ped diagnosed Fia with reflux and basically ignored me when I told her that we still had a baby who wouldn’t eat and needed more help. I suggested it may be an allergy and even asked if I could/should try hypoallergenic formula and was told no. I decided to find a new pediatrician and when I met with her she immediately suggested I try the hypoallergenic formula and try an elimination diet. I’m so glad I trusted my instincts to not trust the first doctor and find someone who would actually listen to me and help me fix what I knew to be a problem.