Fiona : 4 months

Late, as per usual, but this is accurate for Fiona at 4 months! 


Stats: Fiona is 14 lbs 8oz (54%) and 24 inches long (28%). Weight has stayed right on track but our little girl is getting short! The doc says that babies grow in weird spurts and we won’t know if she’ll stay short(ish) or not… but we’re not concerned about it.

Clothing Size: She is mostly in 6 month clothes. Some 3-6 fit her still though.


Sleep: This has been a real challenge for the first time in her life. It is pretty much changing almost daily but we’ve dealt with some crazy rough nights resulting in a level of sleep deprivation I haven’t seen since the newborn days. Naps also got iffy, first requiring we rock her to sleep, then making a habit of waking after only 30 min (unrested), then deciding that only I can put her to sleep and screaming whenever B tried to put her down. And now in the last week her latest “trick” is screaaaaming every time either of us try to put her down to sleep. She is clearly tired, she will start to drift off, then screams. And screams and screams. It’s the craziest thing. But, we knew 4 months is notorious for being horrible for sleep so aren’t shocked it happened (although we’re maybe a little shocked at how bad it is, since this is the worst sleep she’s ever had– worse even than her first few weeks of life). We have learned that singing to her seems to calm her down usually, so that was a happy discovery. Our pediatrician suggested we both swaddle wean and sleep train now, at the same time. I’m hesitant because it seems like a lot for her to deal with all at once… but we’re still discussing it.

Eating: Eating is…… okay. Which feels like a victory. Fia does have reflux AND is allergic to both dairy and soy. That seems to be the definite cause of our food refusal issues. At this point she will eat awake, willingly, and without fussing– but only when she is tired, immediately before a nap. She needs to be tired, swaddled, and rocked in the glider in our room so she can stare at the fan. Oh, and she only wants me to feed her. So eating isn’t what I would call EASY. But, it is sustainable (for now), and I don’t wake up every day fearful of trying to feed her– so it is a huge huge improvement. Oh also, we switched her to all formula this month. Between her allergies, her sleep issues stealing my pumping time, and my lack of sleep (and stress?) causing my already-low supply to plummet… it was just time. I knew when I gave up breastfeeding that I wasn’t going to make it long-term pumping, although I’d hoped to make it a little longer. But it was just not sustainable anymore and I’m so happy to be done pumping now!


Milestones: This was a big month for little miss! She found her toes and thinks they are awesome. With that, she started rolling from her back onto her sides while playing with her feet. She hasn’t rolled over yet, but when on her belly she is getting really close to being able to roll to her back. She also figured out how to support herself on her arms when laying on her belly, although she doesn’t do it often. She’s also just seeming much more aware of her surroundings. Anything within her swing-zone is fair play to get chewed on, and boy does she love to chew. We’re not sure if she is teething or not (since we can’t see any teeth nubs), but she has gone from mouthing things to legit gnawing on them. Her favorite things to chew on are her Sophie, and our fingers. She is also getting a lot more stable sitting up. She can spend a LONG time sitting in her bumbo now (really, she is only limited by her boredom, not by her ability to stay upright), and when we prop her up against the couch she rarely falls over anymore. She actually tries to sit up from laying down all the time, and we had a rough few days when every single time we laid her down she strained to sit up. It’s funny and a bit sad because she’s still a ways off from pulling that maneuver off! She’s also able to stand up now while holding onto our fingers, rather than us having to hold onto her body, and she can pull herself up from laying down to standing up just by us holding her hands. Strong little girl!

Things I want to remember: Her giggles. I love her laugh so much. It’s like a lightbulb went on for her this month. She was aware of us before and we had gotten smiles and some giggles, but these things really ramped up this month. She watches us all the time and the smiles come so much more easily now (unless she’s in a mood). She is also starting to get some of that quintessential baby wonderment. There is a cow hanging from her jumper and every time I spin it she just makes the biggest surprised-face look ever, and it cracks me up. And this has also been a good month for brief trips out. She is predictably happy for 60-90 minutes after she wakes up (and really even a bit longer if we’re out and about) and has really gotten to liking my putting her in my ring sling. I wear her on my hip now so she can look around and she’s always so content to just stare at our surroundings and smile at people. She’s my little sidekick and I love her so!


Outings/Adventures: We really didn’t take Fiona out anywhere this month other than the usual places to run errands or do a little shopping. It felt like we had sort of a busy month with my parents in town twice, B out of town once, and my having photo shoots almost every weekend. Plus with her challenging sleep we sort of just holed up and did a lot of hanging out this month.

Favorites: Fiona’s favorites are her hands, her Sophie, and our hands. My favorites are her giggling, getting surprised, and when she stands up holding our hands (we call her hula baby because she shakes her hips haha). B’s favorites are when she laughs at him and when she chills happily on the couch with him while he watches football.


What I’ve learned: Nothing lasts. This month was a little mentally tough because my awesome sleeping baby took such a nosedive into horrible sleeping and the one thing I thought I could count on with her (good sleeping!) was taken away. But every time we hit a really really bad day, a good day was just around the corner. And every time we had a fabulous day, a worse day would follow.


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