Fiona : 6 months


Stats: Well I guess that I was wrong with my guess on weight at 5 months, because at her 6 month appointment Fiona was only 15 lbs 13 oz, but 26 inches long! So, she hasn’t gained a ton in the last two months, but the doctor isn’t worried. She’s been eating well but she is such an active baby I think she just burns a lot of calories. And she’s still got the great baby chub, so it’s all good.


Clothing Size: Not much change from 4 months. She’s longer but hasn’t really gained any chub in the belly so she is still solidly in 6 month and 6-9 month clothes. Some of the smaller 9 month stuff fits too (mostly sleepers, she needs the length).


Sleep: As of 6 months, the big development was moving Fiona to her room! She did great with the move and was still being put down awake almost every night. She would wake up 2-4 times throughout the night for her paci, and often needed me to rock her after about 4:30am, but over all it was not too bad. As for naps… eh. Right around 5 months she decided that I couldn’t put her down. Ever. It used to be that I could rock her to sleep and set her down and walk away. Well once we moved her into her Merlin suit, she just couldn’t stay asleep for naps on her own. So I got really used to rocking her for every nap, the whole time. And she sleeps. A lot. So I was spending 4-5 hours every day just rocking her. On one hand, it was really hard to spend that much time doing that, and to have zero free time from the moment I woke up until she went to bed. Especially because that meant that I really couldn’t EVER leave the house for more than an hour because there was no “put her down for a nap and leave her with daddy.” On the other hand, does anyone ever look back at their life and wish they had spent less time rocking their baby? I sort of doubt it. And I think that all that cuddle time is something I’m going to look back on fondly. We also moved from 4 to 3 naps this month.


Eating: Big huge developments here! As of 5 months Fiona was eating pretty well but still had lots of requirements (she would only eat right before a nap, swaddled, in our bedroom with the fan and white noise going, and mostly only from me). It was hard. Really hard. We had to go to my parents’ house for a weekend because I had to shoot a wedding for my cousin, which I had committed to before I even knew I was pregnant. I was gone for 8 hours and Fiona didn’t eat or sleep that whole time because she refused to eat or sleep for my mom or for B. Sigh. But after we moved her to her new room it was like a switch flipped and she realized hey… I can eat somewhere OTHER than in mom and dad’s room! And we worked with that progress on a daily basis to the point we are at now: She will eat anywhere in our home, and she will eat every 4 hours regardless of her nap schedule!!! (This is particularly huge, not being reliant on naps for eating). She doesn’t need to be swaddled, she doesn’t need a fan or white noise. She does need a quiet distraction-free environment, but I don’t think that is all that terribly uncommon for this age anyways. Also, she will eat for B! He gives her her first bottle every day, and she eats great. She’ll also usually often eat from him for her next two bottles (still a bit hit or miss, but getting more consistently good). She won’t usually eat for him before bed still, but we’re working on it! Also, she started solids this month! We are doing babyled weaning and things are moving along pretty well I think. She likes playing with food and while she doesn’t actually EAT a ton, she does a good job of gnawing and gumming things. Her favorites are avocado (her first food), banana, and pear. She also l-o-v-e-s her straw cup! She doesn’t quite understand swallowing the water she sucks up, but she thinks sucking it up and spitting it out is the best game ever.

photo 4

Milestones: This has been a big month for little miss! A couple days after 5 months she learned how to roll back to front. Then a few days after that, she rolled front to back… but it was sort of by accident. The problem was that for the next 2 weeks or so, she was rocking the back-to-front rolling but still didn’t know how to roll front-to-back consistently. She COULD do it, she just didn’t know she could. So we went through a few weeks of reverse-turtling where she would roll to her belly, get stuck, and scream every few minutes. Silly baby. By 6 months though she was rolling back and froth on her own just fine. She’s also sitting up (sort of) unassisted. Once again it appears to be a matter of desire rather than ability. When she’s motivated, she can sit up on her own with no support, reach and grab for things and keep her balance, etc just fine. She totally skipped the tripod-ing thing and just started sitting up on her own. But, she doesn’t really want to sit up that often. She can’t get into the position herself, and when I sit her up she usually lasts anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes before she decides to throw herself backwards dramatically. So… we’re calling this milestone a SORTA milestone because she is definitely not to the place where I can sit her up and walk away, we still make sure she has something soft behind her at all times! She also seems to be getting better about men and strangers. We are still careful with her about them, but as long as we go slow and stay in the area she is doing much better about being okay with other people holding her.


Things I want to remember: All the rocking. Rocking for hours. When I think back on Fiona’s babyhood, I think I’ll remember the glider, my kindle, and the rocking my sweet baby asleep. Also just her being a baby. We started solids this month and she got a straw cup for the first time… these are the first steps towards her becoming a KID. I want to savor these last bits of babyness before I wake up and find a toddler running around my house.


Outings/Adventures: We went out and about a decent amount this month. As I mentioned above, our big trip was to my parents’ for the weekend because I had to shoot my cousin’s wedding. That was… not a good trip. I mean, the visiting with family was fun but Fiona did not handle the change well (but this was before we had our breakthrough with eating). Later in the month my birthday came and went and we had a nice weekend with lots of fall loveliness, including picking pumpkins at the fruit stand we go to every year. We also went out to eat quite a bit this month and Fiona did really well!


Favorites: Fiona’s favorite continues to be Stew. Stew + Fiona 4Ever. She’s also noticed Milo now, and is a big fan. As for toys, her favorite seems to be her purple octopus teether. My favorite is anything that makes Fiona giggle, because it is the bestest thing ever. I think B would agree.


What I’ve Learned: My baby is awesome. And challenging. And adorable and perfect and I love her so much. I mean.. I knew all those things before.. but it just grows all the time. ❤



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