Fiona : 8 months



I’m not sure because she won’t get weighed/measured again until 9 months. I don’t think she has gained much weight but I’m pretty sure she is getting taller! The girl is just solid muscle, she has awesome thigh and cheek/chin chub, but her belly is rock hard. I think I might have a skinny girl on my hands!


Clothing Size: 

She is still in size 2 diapers because of her skinny waist, but is pretty much out of 6 month clothes due to her height now. Depending on the brand/item she can wear some 6-9, but is mostly in 9, 9-12, or even some 12 month pants (again, for length + cloth diaper booty).



She’s been doing really well this month! (knock on wood) She’s going doing easily (and alone) at night and in the last week she has given me several nights where she slept all the way through without making a peep! She does still sometimes wake a few times, but generally she just wants her paci and then she falls back asleep. We had a rough few days when she figured out she could sit up in her crib, but that doesn’t really seem to be hindering sleep anymore. I think we may be in a bit of a transition on naps. She has been fighting her third nap a bit and I’m wondering if she is getting ready to transition to two naps per day.



She has been doing mostly great eating! The week of Christmas she did randomly get really distracted/fussy about eating and started refusing some bottles, which was pretty concerning. She had been taking four 8 oz bottles per day. We dropped her to two 8 oz bottles and two 7 oz bottles and she immediately started eating much better. But then after a week of doing that she seemed to still be hungry when she was done eating so we moved back to four 8 oz bottles. Yesterday I actually tried two 9 oz bottles and two 8 oz bottles and she still seemed a bit hungry so I may move to all 9 oz bottles. Seems like an awful lot for such a little peanut, but maybe a growth spurt? I’m just thrilled she is eating happily! Not too much news on solids. Her favorite, by far, remains pears. We also introduced puffs this month and she likes those a lot as well. Isn’t really into too many other items, no veggies, and never really wants to eat a lot in the way of solids (half a slice of pear, maybe a whole slice, is about all she’ll eat). Also we discovered she is allergic to avocado, which is a total bummer because she actually seemed to like that and it is such a good source of fat and protein. We’re treading lightly with new foods now watching for new allergies.



This has been a HUGE month. At 7 months she had just barely started getting up on all fours and rocking. On Christmas day she figured out how to get into a sitting position by herself, and immediately got super stable sitting. In the two weeks since Christmas she has mastered getting into a sitting position from every angle possible. She has made a lot of attempts at crawling or bear crawling (generally she does hand-hand-foot-face.. hasn’t figured out that second leg yet lol). The craziest thing though is she started trying to stand up… all by herself.. in the middle of the room. I don’t know a ton about babies but I think usually they pull up first and quite a bit later try the independent standing thing. Not my kid, apparently. She has been working really hard this week on getting into an independent standing position from the floor, and she does it with some regularity (albeit she can only stand for maybe 3-5 seconds before toppling, but I remain impressed). I’m so curious about what she will do next! I don’t know if she will ever really crawl because it seems like she might just move right to walking?? I am betting I’ll have some exciting updates at 9 months!

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.24.45 PM

Things I Want to Remember: 

That I love this age. It is by far my favorite so far. Fiona is just so much fun to hang out with right now. She is working on new skills every day and she gets so excited when she does something for herself. She’s super super into all of her toys and she is loving her new mobility (she can sit/pivot/roll with the best of them) in getting around the room. She’s figuring out independent play and it’s so much fun to spread her toys out on a big quilt and just watch her play with one and then another. She’s super interactive, giving us huge smiles every time we walk into the room or get her up from her crib. She plays peek a boo and is imitating us all the time. She’s so excited about new things and is just over the moon about the pets. I feel like this is really a perfect age because she is so HAPPY most of the time and is awesomely interactive without hitting the toddler tantrum stage yet. She’s also mobile enough that she’s happy getting around by herself but not so mobile that I feel like I can’t run upstairs to start a bottle for her. I’m so grateful that I get to be home with her during this time because I imagine that we might be in a bit of a honeymoon period where things are fun and not too hard yet– although I am SO excited to see her take her first steps and grow and learn, I know that will bring a lot more challenges than we are currently dealing with!

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.25.46 PM


Christmas! Fiona got to have three Christmases this year. One with B’s family (at our house two weekends before Christmas), one with just us before we left for my family’s house, and one with my family on Christmas day. She actually did really great with all the new people, the travel, sleeping in a new place, etc. She didn’t really understand Christmas yet, but she thought tissue paper was super fun!



Stew. The Cats. As always! This girl has a deep and committed love to animals. I can’t wait until the spring when we can take her to the zoo! She also really loves jumping in her bouncer and she is starting to really get into interactive songs like Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, and Itsy Bitsy Spider. My favorite is just how happy she is right now! B’s favorite is her new-found love of a blow-up soccer ball is mom got her. She is obsessed with that thing and loves holding it with her arms and legs. She also thinks it is hilarious when B kicks it, or when we help her kick it.


What I’ve Learned: 

She is growing up fast. SO FAST. I see it happening right in front of my eyes and there is just no way to slow it down! And mostly I don’t want to because I can’t wait to hear what that little girl is thinking. But man am I trying to soak in every single day with her because my baby is becoming a toddler before my eyes and I just can’t believe how fast this year is flying by!



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