Fiona : 9 months

Baby girl surprised me at her 9 month appointment by weighing in at 18 lbs 2 oz! I was hoping she made it to 17.5 but wasn’t sure she would because she still looks so skinny to me… but she made her way past 18lbs and right back to 50% for weight, yay! She measured 28 inches tall, which is 66% and no surprise because I knew she would come in tall.


Clothing Size: Nothing in the 6-9 range fits anymore. She can wear 9 month tops or pants but onesies need to be 9-12 or 12 for length. She also moved up to size 3 diapers (finally). We’re thinking about maybe starting to do cloth overnight too– but I’m scared. Hard to mess with a good thing, ya know?


Sleep: Sleep has been pretty good. With the learning of some new skills (see below) there have been some setbacks in terms of her taking a while to fall asleep sometimes, but MOSTLY she has still been going down happily for both naps and bedtime. Overnight sleep is unchanged. She still falls asleep between 8 and 8:30 and wakes for the day between 6 and 7. She is usually up two or three times overnight but just needs her paci and sometimes she finds it herself (last night she woke up twice but found her paci herself right away and I never had to get out of bed– win). She has seemed somewhat restless in her sleep lately, but I think that is probably related to developmental stuff. In terms of naps….. hit or miss. She still usually goes down for them okay but the last few weeks has had a whole lot of very short naps. Again, I think it is a developmental thing (I’ve heard much of the 9 month regression). Also just a few days ago she started this weird crying thing sometimes. Pretty much ALWAYS if we went into her room for any reason after we put her down it calmed her down. Once during each of the last three days when I went into her room (to either give her her paci back or lay her down if she was standing) she FREAKED THE F OUT and started screaming when I left. But then stopped a few minutes later and fell asleep?! She doesn’t do it always but it’s just so random. I think maybe she is starting to get a little separation anxiety and doesn’t like when I come in and then leave, so I’m probably going to pull back on doing so many ‘checks’ during nap time (when in doubt I generally would go in and check, give her a paci, lay her down, rub her head, etc because usually it helps her fall asleep– but it seems like now it is causing more problems than it solves). Anyways, I know some people wouldn’t consider all this good sleep because she isn’t like, sleeping 12+ hours overnight and naps with no wake ups. But I feel like it seems reasonable for her age and I’m getting enough sleep, so whatever.


Eating: She’s doing well! Still taking four bottles per day (two 9 oz, two 8 oz) and doing well with them so long as they are offered warm and in a distraction free zone. We’ve seen a good bit of improvement on solids this month. I started offering her more purees and have found a few she seems to really like. She is doing more eating than throwing these days, so that is good. She definitely has good days and bad days in terms of eating real food and we don’t have a super consistent schedule yet, but right now I’d say most days she eats three “meals.” The first is an hour after her first bottle and I usually offer puffs, dried fruit, or a puree. She usually eats a few mouthfuls and that is about it. Second meal is after her 2nd nap (soon before her 3rd bottle) and she has been doing really well with this one– usually eating about half to a full (4oz) ouch or (3.5oz) container of purees. Dinner we started eating together at the table. Usually I make her a scrambled egg and give her something else– diced fruit or veggie or something– and she spends a lot of time putting things in her mouth but doesn’t consume a ton yet. Still this is all much better than the situation a month ago where getting her to consume ANYTHING was a challenge– so we are happy.


Milestones: This is a big one this month! So much has changed. The week that she turned 8 months old she started crawling. And once she started, she became a speed racer! She has also completely mastered standing independently. She stands up from the floor without even using her hands (which um, I can’t even do) and can stand pretty much until she gets bored or distracted or reaches for something (so 20-30 seconds… that is about her attention span lol). She is also pulling up on anything and everything. She can take a few steps to get closer to something she is holding onto but hasn’t figured out cruising yet. She also (sorta?) started talking this month. One night out of nowhere she just randomly started saying mama! mama! mama! But she doesn’t know what it means I don’t think. She also now says dada and baba  and I think he is maybe trying to say puppy (which is what we always call Stew) but I feel like she is more just parroting us than really understanding the words so far.


Things I Want to Remember: How fast things change. I cannot BELIEVE how different Fiona is now than she was a month ago. And looking at her at seven months versus nine is like a lifetime of change it feels like. She’s growing up so incredibly fast! Every day I struggle with wanting to bottle her up and keep her tiny forever, and being so excited to meet the person she is becoming.


Outings/Adventures: Not too much going on this month. It has been cold and dreary and we’ve been laying low. We did have our first ever real playdate which went… okay? The babies basically ignored each other while the parents chatted lol. I also took her to a mommy and me breakfast thing which was also just okay. A restaurant is a bad place to meet mom/baby groups I think… we were all just too busy tending to our kids to chat much. This next month is bringing a longer trip to my parents’ house so hopefully that will go well!

Favorites: How many months in a row can I say her favorite is Stew? But seriously. Stew. It’s a deep and un-ending love she has for him! My favorite thing is the new “baby jail” we set up downstairs! Now that she is crawling she is into everything SO FAST and I really couldn’t leave her for 20 seconds to do anything without her heading straight for the glass-fronted cabinets or the wobbly end tables. There is only so much baby proofing we could do on a whole-house scale so it is nice to have a safe place to put her when I need to run upstairs, and also to sit and play with her without having to chase her all around and keep her out of things. Brian is having fun just playing with her this month. He’s been putting her up on his shoulders and “jogging” around and she just laughs and laughs. They are awesome together.


What I’ve Learned: I’m so glad I lost my job. Yes, it sucked how it happened. It has been stressful. The job hunt is stressful. The uncertainty is stressful. But I’m home. I’m getting to spend every day with her and watch her change every day and I won’t get to do that forever. So mostly I’m just glad that everything has worked out like it did so that I’ve gotten to be home for this first 3/4 year with my baby!









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