Fiona : 10 months

Holy cow is my baby 10 months old….??


Stats: I’m not sure! She hasn’t been weighed since 9 mo and won’t be weighed again until 12. I am almost sure she has grown another inch or two taller. She still has no chub but has probably put on a little weight.


Clothing Size: Same. She’s all in 9 and 12 months clothes at this point, mostly for length. For pants 12 mo jegging/stretchy pants fit best because pants that are not stretchy in 9 mo are too short and in 12 mo are too big in the waist. I bought her a bunch of 18 mo clothes for summer so I’m hoping she fits into them! (This top she is wearing is actually a 12 mo dress…. tall baby hah)


Sleep: Pretty good. Nights are about the same. She generally sleeps from 8 or 8:15 until about 7 these days, and usually still has 1-3 wake ups for her paci overnight. She’s had a few nights where she slept straight through, and a few nights where she has had some random freak outs and I’ve had to rock her. We had our first bout of teething this month and I think that was responsible for some of the drama. Naps are the big news– we are down to 2! It seems to be going really well. She now naps from around 9:30-11 and 2:30-4 each day.


Eating: She is continuing to do great with her bottles. She even took some bottles from my mom and let B and I have a date night this past month! I feel like we’re making good progress on solids too. She still isn’t (may never be) that kid that is a human vacuum and eats everything in sight… but she is really starting to expand what she will eat and is doing a better job at doing more eating and less playing with her food. She still has a really hard time chewing and hasn’t quite gotten the pick up/chew/swallow/THEN get more food thing yet… so she tends to put too much in her mouth and then gag. But I think that is a skill that will come with practice. Right now she gets breakfast of pureed prunes every day, and then for lunch and dinner I usually give her 2 things– generally a protein and something else. For proteins she is currently doing well with black beans, eggs, and chicken sausage. She does the best with black beans. The only veggie she seems to really like right now are cooked yellow peppers, but she is doing a little better with trying other things (even ate some broccoli this week!). I’ve also tried some bread products with her this week for the first time… I made some healthy banana bread (trial for her smash cake!) that she seemed to really like, and I gave her a whole wheat blueberry waffle yesterday and she loved it. I definitely need to give her tiny pieces of everything because otherwise she bites off way too much and gags… babyled weaning was basically a complete fail for us!


Milestones: Fiona is a master of mobility. She took her first steps this month, but as we expected with her she refuses to accept help in the form of holding her hands or cruising along furniture, so mastering walking is a bit slow going. It’s lots of trying and lots of falling! Her record so far is 10 steps. She also learned how to crawl up the steps, and she goes FAST! She continues to babble more and get new sounds. She really tries to parrot back what I am saying, yesterday I was showing her her stuffed Lion and she immediately started saying Li-Li-Li-Li. But I still don’t think that she is connecting many words with their meanings. The only word I think she may use with meaning is “up,” which I say whenever I pick her up. A few times she’s crawled over to me and tried to climb up my legs saying “puh-puh-puh” which I think meant up? I really think she spends way too much time focusing on mobility to focus on communication at all. I suspect she’ll be a bit late to really talking/understanding but once she starts she will probably take off fast like she did with her mobility.


Things I Want to Remember: What a happy baby Fiona is! Sure she has her cranky moments, but mostly she is super happy all the time. It doesn’t take a lot to make her laugh. Showing her the pets, getting her up close to any photos or pictures we have on our walls, throwing her up in the air, playing peek-a-boo, tickling her, laying her on her back and dropping (light) things on her chest, helping her “shoot hoops”…. any of these thing guarantees a giggle!


Outings/Adventures: This month we spent almost a week at my parents house, just Fia and me, to spend some time with my grandmother. Mostly she did well, and it was really nice for my parents to get to see her for a longer amount of time. Sleeping was a bit of a nightmare… but I guess that is to be expected with travel. We also did a bit of mall shopping this week (which Fiona did great with!) and we are finally seeing some nice weather so we’ve had lots of walks! Being out in the sunshine is pretty fabulous.


Favorites: Besides Stew… right now her favorite thing is climbing up the stairs. Over and over and over again. And then again! My favorite right now is taking walks with her. I’ve been able to wrap her on my back for walks outside for the first time since the weather turned, and she just giggles and giggles! She loves looking over my shoulder and is just so happy, and it is so nice to be out! B’s favorite is how she giggles when she watches him shoot baskets, and how much she likes when he helps her shoot baskets.


What I’ve Learned: That I can’t not watch her for 3 seconds. Seriously… she gets more mischievous with every single month! Just when I think I’ve got her in a safe spot and I can turn my attention to something else for a minute (like say… washing a bottle)… I turn around and she’s climbed 3 stairs she wasn’t even near 10 seconds ago. I swear this kid is going to turn me grey before I’m 35 🙂