Fiona : 11 months

Soo… time got away from me and now Fiona is almost a year old! But before she gets there, here are her 11 month stats!


Stats: Fiona didn’t have a doctor’s appointment for this month, but she did have one a few weeks ago and she was about 19.5 lbs. I measured her at home and I think she is about 30 inches tall.


Clothing Size: Fiona has definitely had a bit of a growth spurt. She can still wear some 9 month tops, but in everything else she needs 12 month clothes. Some of her 12 mo sleepers are even too short for her now! We’ve been putting her in some 18 month pants if they are stretchy, otherwise they are too big in the waist.


Sleep: Night sleep has gotten pretty great in the last two weeks. She’s sleeping from around 8:15 until 7:30 in the morning– most mornings we have to wake her at that time! And usually she is only waking once or twice now, sometimes she doesn’t wake at all overnight. She is still on two naps but seems to be stretching her awake times a bit. That combined with the having to wake her in the morning make me wonder if she might be ready to move to one nap, but I don’t know if I’M ready for that! I think I’m going to try to hold her off on the one nap transition until after a year, then give that a try.


Eating: Not a ton of change here. She is still on 4 bottles (9 oz, 8 oz, 8 oz, 9 oz) and still finishing them great most of the time (teething sometimes affects her, but mostly she is excited about them). As for solids she is on three solid meals per day. She has been doing great in terms of variety of food she will eat, she even likes asparagus! Still working on getting her to eat more protein, and we’re still keeping her on the MSPI diet for now. She still isn’t eating much in the way of quantity though. But, she still doesn’t have any teeth full descended (she has now 4 ridges of teeth but they aren’t really up yet) and I think she really struggles with chewing a lot. I think she may just be a bit on the later side with the transition to solid foods, but I”m hoping that it still happens somewhat naturally in the next few months.

Milestones: Fiona has completely mastered walking now. She even sort of runs, although a lot of times she gets going faster than her feet can carry her and ends up face planting! She is doing pretty well at following some commands, including “come here”, “clap/play patty cake”, and “Can I have that?”. She babbles all the time and says a good handful of words but I’m still not completely sure she always knows what they mean. I *think* she knows mama, dada, dog, kitty, and up… but she doesn’t always use them correctly (and dog sounds like “daahhhhhhhh” which is similar to dada, she says “kihhhhhhkih” for kitty… i think?). Thing are still pretty inconsistent but it’s exciting when she uses a word correctly!


Things I Want to Remember: The last bits of baby-ness. More and more lately I feel like she is all toddler. Physically… she acts like a toddler! But she is still a baby in terms of communicating and (lack of) tantruming and general sweetness. I’m excited to hear what she has to say, but also want to cherish this last little bit of baby before she gets there.


Outings/Adventures: We didn’t go on any trips this month, but we did start exploring some of the local parks. Fiona loooooves swinging! She is such a little daredevil. She loves to lean forward and put her arms out like she is flying. Adorable. Plus we got a stroller so we have been doing tons of walks, it has been really nice out!


Favorites: Fiona loves everything right now. Pets are still a favorite, but she gets super excited over anything and everything randomly. Sometimes it is a dvd, sometimes a toy she has seen a thousand times, sometimes it is a random piece of thread or a button. She is mostly in a good mood (except for when her teeth are hurting her!) and she sort of reminds me of Elf lately in terms of general excited-ness. My favorite is that she learned to “share.” I think it is SO adorable that she tries to share her toys and food with us and the pets and her stuffed animals, she has such a sweet heart. B’s favorite is how excited she is when he gets home from work. She runs over to him with her arms up and it is just so cute.


What I’ve Learned: This has been the longest slowest year of my life. And it is almost over. And even more than ever I am trying to just soak in every second with her. And take every single opportunity to snuggle her and love on her, because I know she won’t let me do it forever! 
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